Bye Bye Butts - Surf's Up Challenge!


We've got a cool idea on how to spread awareness about how abundant cigarette butt litter is AND clean up our big blue playground at the same time. We need your help to pick up 150,000+ littered cigarette butts from San Diego beaches and streets! To make this a sweet deal, a few brand new custom surfboards built just for you are up for grabs!

Send us an email to [ team @ ripplelife .org ] and include a local phone number :)


Prizes generously donated by:



36 MORE OUTDOOR-LOVERS NEEDED!     |      78,580 OF 150,000 BUTTS COLLECTED!  

# butts: 3,161

# butts: 4,320

# butts: 3,100

# butts: 3,075

# butts: 3,025

# butts: 3,216

# butts: 4,875

# butts: 4,110

Gregg S.
# butts: 27,943

# butts: 3,180

# butts: 5,730

# butts: 3,270

# butts: 5,070

Dan & Yasmin
# butts: 4,170








50 environmental stewards living here in San Diego (Get 1 team mate to help you out).

Each entrant must collect and save 3000 (or more) littered cigarette butts from finding their way to our San Diego ocean.

Up for grabs... two custom surfboards made just for you!! One is provided by Rickland Surfboards (up to 6'6") and the other by Clairemont Surf Shop (up to 7'6"). Also, there's a little something cool for whomever picks up the most butts thanks to REI. And, we're working on adding more goodies too.

A sweet 1 in 50 chance of winning (no comparison to the California State Lottery)!

Approximate volunteering time is 3 - 8 hrs (depends on if you have a team mate).

Be part of the first-of-its-kind, snazzy project we have planned for these butts!


Terms: must accept you as one of the entries.

You approve photo/video of you with your collected cigarette butts. (Entry is your agreement for us to share this media).

We're looking for just the butt/filter, not any other debris. (it's ok if there is some of the cigarette left).

Challenge ends when we have all 50 people who have collected 3000 butts (or more) each. Please help us make this happen!

Old fashion drawing from a hat filled with all 50 names (end of challenge and winner will be posted on our Facebook page).