RippleLife .org - Make a difference!


Our Ethos

We believe life is all about balance.

Truly loving the outdoors also means protecting it, otherwise we're just takers.

Giving back often and inspiring those around us to do the same is how we create balance and care for what we love. It's living a life louder than just words.

We call it a RippleLife!


The Concept

When you give and inspire people or businesses to join your Ripple (who will also give), we'll track it all... including the actions of all your friends and friends of friends. See the growing difference you create during your stay here on Earth. It's a cool "lifetime giving tracking tool" that allows you to look back at what you've given back.

There are no limits to how many dollars you can help raise for the planet. Inspiring just one friend can literally create a Ripple with the potential to reach millions of others and raise boatloads of crucial dollars for outdoor Causes. It's not rocket science, just the law of viral marketing and care for our planet working hand in hand (and a little genius programming of course).


Our Story            


I started RippleLife because I'm madly in love with our world. I've been fortunate enough to see amazing, far-off places and vibrant cultures beyond my wildest dreams. But as you know, there's trouble in paradise! Our increasing population, uncontrollable consumption habits, and ways we manufacture things are taking a serious toll on our planet.

Doing 'a little' just no longer felt like enough for me. Since I believe it's the people who care and take action that inspire others to get involved, I wanted my vision to harness these two elements. So... I raided my retirement account and have been investing all my spare time to create, build, and manage this unique website for all those who love our big blue playground (Earth) as much as I do.

Spending the rest of my life making sure I leave this world a better place than how I discovered it sounds perfect.






RippleLife is a San Diego, California based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, EIN# 20-1598821.